Leadership and Networking

Leadership and Networking. Besides your grades, being able to be a leader in your community and having the ability to network with your fellow students and alumni will greatly benefit you in your search for a career after you graduate. From personal experience, joining my fraternity gave me the leadership skills and networking opportunities, but we’ll go into that later.

The best part of Rutgers’ huge and diverse community is that there are so many organizations to join from professional and social Greek organizations, cultural groups, church groups, philanthropy clubs, and more. Whatever it may be, join one and be an active member in it. By joining a club or organization with a group of people with the same interests, its easy to socialize and meet new people which is the very first step in attaining leadership qualities and building your network.

In the following posts, I will share my involvement with my fraternity and several cultural organizations I’ve been a part of and how it changed me as a person.


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