Academic Tools

Hey guys, here I will be sharing with you many of the tools Rutgers offers to students. The thing is, many students don’t know about these great offerings until its too late. This first post is a perfect example. No professor has told me about this program. It is found on one of Rutgers’ websites (I linked it down on the bottom of this post), but I did not hear about this until my friend told me about it my Junior year. He was also referred to this by a friend. It would have been nice if a professor let us know about this from the start.

Anyways, my first offering is unfortunately only available for students in the School of Communication and Information and the Mason Gross School of the Arts. The program is called Lynda. The University describes it as, “an industry standard online training library of over 3,000 courses with 100,000 video-based tutorials on over 2000 software titles.” I have taught myself excel, HTML + CSS, and currently learning about supply chain management. Normally you can only view parts of a lesson as a trial member (you have to pay for full access), but Rutgers offers this for eligible students. Use it! Its an amazing tool.



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